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Its origin is below the cirques on the north flank of kolahoi peak.It is the source of river Lidder & some of its melted waters become the source of river Sindh.


It is situated 8km east from Sonamarg on the right side of NH1D at Zojila & is the source of river Sindh & river Dras.


It lies at an altitude of 9186 feet & sets a striking silvery scene against emerald meadows & clear blue sky.It is covered with dense pine, fir & birch trees and remains enveloped with snow all the year round.It is a major attraction during the summer months.Ponies can be hired up to the glacier or one can also take a half day hike to numerous waterfalls around the glacier. The recent movie Bajraangi bhaijaan was shot at the base of this glacier.


The various snow capped high altitude peaks are irrefutably a heaven for adventure seekers as they provide various adventure activities like mountaineering & trekking. These activities are hard but the captivating views make it all worthwhile.Few peaks worth mentioning are:-

Sirbal Peak
Kolahoi Peak
Machoi Peak
Amarnath Peak


From Sonamarg the trekking routes lead to glacier fed Himalayan lakes which are stocked with snow trout & brown trout and surrounded by banks of alpine flowers making the view breathtakingly irresistible.These include:-

Vishnasar lake
Gangabal lake
Satsar lake
Krishnasar lake
Gadsar lake


It is a beautiful mountain river 6km away from Sonamarg which merges with Indus river at the Baltic colony and provides a major fishing point after merging since it is stocked with trout & mahseer .With disease curing & healing power , the river is highly revered.Lot of locals come every Sunday to take a dip into its waters.The scenic beauty all around it engulfs one too.

River rafting tournaments are held which has seen participation from abroad teams as well.